Monday, April 27, 2015

Lincoln Chafee for President

The American Conservative's W. James Antle III with the welcome news that "the only Republican senator to vote against the Iraq War—and Hillary voted for it[— i]s thinking of challenging her for the Democratic nomination" — Lincoln Chafee’s Clinton Critique Is Actually Compelling.

Rightly, he "has said Hillary Clinton’s vote for the war is disqualifying and that the 2003 invasion helped trigger much of the chaos rippling through the rest of the world." Sweetening the deal is this:
    Born to wealth and privilege, he was known for drug use and a lack of direction in his early years. He hailed from one of Rhode Island’s founding “five families.”
Sure, I'd vote for Hitlery Clinton — to be executed for war crimes under the Nuremberg principles for that very same vote.

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