Monday, May 4, 2015

Fred Reed Takes on John Derbyshire in a Lucha Libre

Over folks from the former's adopted home coming the former's former home, which happens to be the latter's adopted home — Ramblings About Messicans. I enjoy both men's ramblings. I have twice visited and have great respect for Mr. Reed's adopted home, and speak her lingo. That said, I side more with the Derb when it comes to our elites electing a new people, hers.

Why? It took the English-speaking peoples 800 years to get from Magna Carta to where we are today. (Admitted, today, or the last 100 or 150 years, is not that much to brag about.) Small numbers of like-minded people, like the Dutchmen who arrived on these shores 250 years ago and left me me their surname, might be able to assimilate to value our hard-won Rights of Englishmen, but mass numbers of aliens? I think not. Witness New York State. Eye-Ties and other downstate ethno-politicos have pretty much doomed us to either fascism from the left or the right. Give us Justin Raimondo's Libertarianism In One Country!

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