Saturday, September 12, 2015

Silent Cal, Taoist Sage

"Could a politician characterized by the 'virtue of inactivity' survive in today’s White House?" asks The American Conservative's Gracie Olmstead — Looking for Calvin Coolidge. She quotes contemporary Walter Lippmann:
    Mr. Coolidge’s genius for inactivity is developed to a very high point. It is far from being an indolent activity. It is a grim, determined, alert inactivity which keeps Mr. Coolidge occupied constantly.
What is this if not Wu-wei, that "central principle in the Chinese philosophy of Daoism... that one should live spontaneously in accordance with the natural flow of the cosmos called the Dao, and not act against this natural order and rhythm of nature?"

Horrifying to contrast the Vermonter Taoist with our next far more "active" president, exposed by The American Conservative's Daniel Larison — Clinton’s Aggressive Foreign Policy.

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