Saturday, October 17, 2015


Last night I took the missus on a date to the Pittsford Cinema 9 to see the great Zhang Yimou's latest, Coming Home (2014), a profoundly moving love story with an anti-state, pro-family theme.

Chen Daoming plays a husband, who after 20 years in a Maoist gulag for "rightist" activities, returns to a wife, played by Gong Li, so traumatized by events of the Cultural Revolution, to an extent we only learn late in the film, that she cannot recognize that it is her husband who has returned. She instead devotedly waits for him as he devotedly attends to her failing mind unrecognized. The lovely Zhang Huiwen has a crucial role as the couple's daughter in several key moments in the film, including an incredibly beautiful scene of forgiveness.

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