Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rajesh Barnabas for Monroe County Executive!

Burned-Over District Observer hereby endorses the man whose candidacy was announced in our local rag here — Green Party candidate seeks county exec seat. "He has been involved as an activist with groups such as Rochester Against War, the Coalition for Police Reform and Rochester Indymedia." From a more recent article, Rajesh Barnabas challenges status quo, we learn:
    As a youngster growing up in Webster, Rajesh Barnabas grew accustomed to hearing the dinner-table stories about his grandfather John Barnabas' commitment to social justice.

    There were tales of how his grandfather stood side-by-side with Mahatma Gandhi during the struggles of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. And there were the stories of how as a United Nations diplomat, John Barnabas worked with Haile Selassie to help decolonize and build a new Ethiopian government after the Italian occupation ended in 1941.
SJW, though he may be, and however much I disagree with some of his positions, how often does one get the chance in a local election to both support a third party and vote for someone with two degrees of separation from both the Mahātmā and Jah Rastafari to boot?

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