Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pittsford Patricide Dismissed

Back in February, you read on these pages that "an accused father-killer has been hailed as 'a strong, supportive, friendly member of the Pittsford community'" — Patricide in Pittsford.

Today, "Jim Tan's killer is still at large," as objectively stated a local commentator on a "decision [that] prevents any further homicide-related charges from being brought against [Charles] Tan in connection with the death of his father, Liang 'Jim" Tan" — Charles Tan case dismissal 'shocking'. Jim Tan, may he rest in peace, "had been shot at close range at least three times with a 12-gauge shotgun that was purchased by Charles Tan’s friend earlier that week."

Judge James J. Piampiano, I'm glad I didn't vote for you this past Tuesday, Your Dishonor!

Classical Liberal that I tend to be, my natural default is to side with the defense in any case, but District Attorney Sandra Doorley get's it right here — Sandra Doorley calls Tan trial outcome appalling. Letters to the editor in today's paper disagreed with her seven-to-one. I find that appalling. Emotions, not facts, take precedence now even in in the halls of justice.

My waifu dismissed the defense's inane suggestion that Mrs. Tan was the killer and her son was the willing fall-guy. "No Asian mother would let her son go to prison for her," said she. The prosecution should have called this missus as a witness. The police and the prosecution of course immediately dismissed this idea. "I did it," said Charles Tan when the police came for him.

But the public trial was less about Charles Tan as father-killer but his father Jim Tan as wife-beater, although to my knowledge the elder Tan had never been charged with any crime. The mere allegation of domestic abuse is enough, and apparently warrants extrajudicial execution now in Monroe County. Jim Tan's "face was obliterated" as the prosecution explained. We don't have the death penalty here in New York State, but if it were reinstated, would the mere allegation of domestic abuse be a capital offense? Any place for such allegations would be during the "mitigating circumstances" phase in sentencing.

Was Jim Tan's extrajudicial execution justified because he was a "Chinaman" posthumously pilloried as a sinister Fu Manchu-like figure living in the midst of goodwhites, many of whom have abducted adopted nice, pretty Chinese girls from their evil, partriarchal homeland? Was Jim Tan an inconvenient reminder of all they hate? Is that why Jim Tan's Americanized, model-minority, number-one-son was exonerated?

Two thoughts from my time in Asia come to mind. First, I remember the look of horror on my students' faces when I taught them the word "parricide" as an example of words ending with "-cide" and what that suffix means. That there was a word for such an unthinkable concept was horrifying to them. Perhaps the word "motherfucker" had a similar effect on our ears before the cultures of our glorious and vibrant underclasses supplanted as the mainstream the evil WASP culture that built this country. I'm also reminded of the many male SWPL/SJW expats I knew, whose modus operandi it was to save Asian women from their menfolk, one woman at a time.

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