Saturday, November 7, 2015

Canadian Oil Dirty, Saudi Oil Clean

One has to wonder how much influence the House of Saud had over Barack Hussein Obama II's diktat, reported on here — Canadians 'disappointed' by Keystone XL pipeline decision but not surprised.

Canuckistan's newly elected Prime Minister, member of the Liberal Party of Canada though he may be, is dismayed, while American libruls are rejoicing. They think themselves the only ones smart enough to understand that pipelines have a far bigger carbon foot print than transoceanic oil tankers and to appreciate the added benefit of saving us from supporting despotic countries with sketchy human rights records like Canada in favor of enlightened allies like Saudi Arabia.

Dumb conservatards are so dumb to suggest that the Saudi ban on women driving and voting and capital punishment for homosexual acts might be reason not to be BFFs anymore. Don't they understand that the Russian LGBT propaganda law is far worse than Islamic law and its punishments for homosexuality? Why can't they understand as SWPLs and SJWs do that white people like Russians should know this by now while brown people like Arabs will need librul help for decades before they become so enlightened?

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