Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Could Polygamy Be the End of Mohammedanism?

This post follows on the heels of a post titled "Mary and the Conversion of Mohammedans," in which I argued, "If the conversion of Islam is to happen, it will happen through Muslim women and their folk religion." I have come to see this false religion as a misogynistic sex cult, and it's earthy, carnal nature will spell its end.

Polygamy, as attractive as it may sound to the average male hindbrain, mine not excluded, is unsustainable. While the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant provides low-IQ lumpenproletariat Mohammedan males from the West, victims of generations of dysgenics through cousin-marriage, with their only hope of finding a wife (or wives) or concubine through state-sanctioned sexual slavery, this reality only exists in the chaotic, ungoverned zones created by neo-conservative interventionism. In less chaotic, more or less governed parts of the Dar al-Islam, natural selection reigns, and the fat, rich guys will get the chicks while loser ISIS-cadre dudes will remain incels for life, and in a continual state of rebellion. This dynamic explains the perennial decadence, backwardness, and instability of Mohammedan "civilization."

And then there is the "woman question," which I have said, "prevented me from converting to Islam fifteen years ago, leaving my soul forever in the debt of the fairer sex" [see Michel Houellebecq's Submission]. Say what you will about globalism, it has given Muslim woman enough of a taste of the world for those with enough power not to submit to second-, third-, or fourth-wife status. Paris, which Steve Sailer has called "the world capital of heterosexual romance over the past 800 years" [see Four Ways to Save Europe], has played a key role in this global propagandization effort of our superior model of conjugal relations. Perhaps this is why they targeted her.

A great danger lies of course with Europe's so-called government(s) having decided to elect a new people through the process Renaud Camus called "The Great Replacement" by bringing in a largely male Mohammedan population to cuckold their own daughters. However, these daughters of Europe, once they get over the daddy issues that prompted them to mate with invaders in the first place, will be the first to rebel against this anti-romantic system once the hangover wears off.

I put my money on the womenfolk bringing this heresy down.
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