Sunday, November 15, 2015

Darlingside Perform "The God of Loss," "The Woods," "Whippoorwill," "Open Door" and "Blow the House Down"

Just heard these Boston boys perform on "Mountain Stage" on WRUR-FM.

I have to wonder, and hope, could this whole Americana revolution thing, along with the resurgence of craft beer and other related movements, part of a greater reactionary phenomenon that will save America from the fate depicted in Michel Houellebecq's Submission?

On my post-Submission trip to Weggies this morning, observing my countrymen, I noticed several young hipster families. If we're going to have beards, better theirs than the Taliban's, right? And the band that is the subject of this post, they're an example of assimilation, right? At the indie shows I sometimes go to, one can find representatives of various ethnicities, roughly at their numbers they represent in the general population, fitting in and enjoying themselves and the culture rather than airing grievances.

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