Sunday, November 8, 2015

Student Protests, Then and Now

Then, students protested to end wars and get the military off campuses; now, students protest against faculty members questioning calls to police students' Halloween attire — Yale’s Halloween Costume Crisis: No End in Sight.

Obama's bombs may be killing innocent people, but somebody's feelings might get hurt here at home. "Special little snowflake" is how the Urban Dictionary defines Millennial. This generation demands sensitivity policing in all aspects of our lives, and we should be afraid, very afraid.

Generation X, slackers that we are, will be skipped over and the "special little snowflakes" will take over sooner rather than later. When that happens, more of us should consider fulfilling the late Joseph Sobran "grand plan to exile himself by becoming the first illegal immigrant in the history of Haiti" (as quoted by R. J. Stove here — Conservatism’s Mozart).

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