Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The New Lie

"The old Lie" is how the Horace's expression "It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country" is referred to in the post anterior to this one; a local story repeats America's new lie: "Never have so many been so blessed to receive so much from so few" — RIT Veterans Day Breakfast.

The lie gets even more baldfaced: "Only 1 percent of our population stands between us and losing our freedoms."

Really? Which pose a threat to our freedoms, seventh-century throwbacks and non-existent weapons of mass destruction in distant god-forsaken lands, or militarized police forces and an aggrandizing ever-centralizing government here at home?

Reject this new lie. It is noxious as it turns our attention from the real threats.

Sorry to rain on anyone's Veterans Day parade, but this day use to be Armistice Day, a day commemorating peace rather than government workers.

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