Saturday, December 26, 2015

Islamic State, 15th Century Version

    In 1480, the Italian city Otranto was invaded by Ottoman forces, who ransacked the town and murdered most of the adult men. The remaining 800 men were asked to renounce their Christian faith. After they refused, they were marched out of town and summarily beheaded. Most women and adolescents were also slaughtered, with the rest pawned off into slavery.

    In 1771, the abstainers were beatified as the “martyrs of Otranto” and are now honored as patron saints of that besieged city. Several centuries later, the skulls belonging to the recently canonized (circa 2013) martyrs are now on display in the Cathedral of Otranto.
The above comes from this list — 10 Mysteries Of The Ancient World We’ve Just Awesomely Solved. The mass-murder of non-combatants and sexual enslavement of women, girls and boys is not the mystery; that has been common enough in the "Religion of Peace" from the unholy book up until the present day. (Also, this story comes not from the ancient world but from the early modern period.) The mystery is that "someone drilled 16 holes into one of the skulls." "Bone powder," we learn, "was once a favored remedy for sundry ills, and we can only imagine that this holy bone powder was considered ne plus ultra." Mystery solved.

A greater mystery is why our schools do not teach these episodes in European history but rather focus how "tolerant" the Mohammedan world was at this time in comparison to "barbaric" Christendom, which gave us moderns all the material and political (not to mention spiritual) benefits we enjoy today. Ungrateful children we are.

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