Saturday, December 26, 2015

Reading Between the Lines on a Local Plaque

I got a huge kick out of the above sign at Corbett's Glen Nature Park, a beautiful place for a walk not far from my home that should not have taken me four years to discover! The sign describes the place as "an unofficial recreational area for an entire generation." We learn:
    In the 1970s, local teens referred to the Northern end of Corbett's Glen Nature Park as "The Fields". The area's name was in reference to the natural landscape which consisted primarily of open fields with pockets of wooded areas. At a time before video games, the internet, cable TV, and cell phones, The Fields was a common social gathering place for neighborhood teens.
Ha! We had such "unofficial recreational areas" and "social gathering places" in my town, too, a decade later. While the missus, who's not from around here to put it mildly, got a chuckle out of the innocent-sounding "time before video games, the internet, cable TV, and cell phones," I had to explain to her that the "childhood memories" the plaque mentions likely consisted of keg-parties, pot-smoking, acid-dropping, and sexual experimentation.

That said, it's lovely to see that these memories are preserved by a plaque, because they are as real and meaningful as any others. It's also moving to learn how Corbett's Glen Nature Park was almost lost but saved:
    We are lucky to have this park, since Linden Associates wanted to pave the area for industrial use. People of the area fought it and won. Something to (briefly) think about while you admire the park.

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