Thursday, December 31, 2015

Today's Rochester Police Blotter

The above visages appeared in our local rag, the Democrat and Chronicle, this morning, the last day of 2015. All have been arrested for various crimes in recent days. All of them are accuse of violent crimes, against persons and property ranging from murder to assault to burglary, save one, accused of running a moderately successful cannabis agro-business.

Can you guess which one is the pot entrepreneur? [Hint: It's not the guy with glasses, which would be a reasonable guess, since the correlation between myopia and intelligence has been well-established*.] Click on the images to learn their stories.

*See the following peer-reviewed articles: On the correlation of myopia and intelligence; Intelligence, Education, and Myopia in Males; Myopia, Intelligence, and the Expanding Human Neocortex: Behavioral Influences and Evolutionary Implications; Myopia and intelligence:a pleiotropic relationship?; IQ and the Association with Myopia in Children.

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