Thursday, January 21, 2016

Donald J. Trump for Republican Nominee!

The candidate's "remarkably coherent and consistent worldview," which "is also a worldview that makes a great leap backward in history," as described by's Thomas Wright, in an article linked to by Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre, has earned him this blog's primary endorsement — Trump’s 19th Century Foreign Policy:
    In sum, Trump believes that America gets a raw deal from the liberal international order it helped to create and has led since World War II. He has three key arguments that he returns to time and again over the past 30 years. He is deeply unhappy with America’s military alliances and feels the United States is overcommitted around the world. He feels that America is disadvantaged by the global economy. And he is sympathetic to authoritarian strongmen. Trump seeks nothing less than ending the U.S.-led liberal order and freeing America from its international commitments.

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