Saturday, January 2, 2016

Enbrethiliel on the Færies of Iceland

    Then there's a fun recent example of a government ruling from Iceland: if you can prove that a boulder has been associated with faeries for over one hundred years, then the government will protect the boulder from construction projects. Yes, you read that right even if I spelled it in my usual affected way: faeries. Now, the worst that will ever happen is that highways will have to curve around boulders instead of going straight and that some architects will have to modify their designs to fit the landscape. Practically speaking, it's really not a big deal. But I will never forget the commenter under the news article about it who was absolutely disgusted that a modern secular government would do something like that. And whenever someone else left a whimsical comment about having been in nature and feeling as if they weren't alone, she responded directly to it, to call the other person "stupid." It seemed really excessive (if also entertaining); but it's much clearer now that I see that the woman's reaction was a moral one. To her, a belief in the supernatural is pure degradation. How dare any government countenance something so immoral!
Thus spake a commenter from my days in the Far East as The Western Confucian, on a recent post here on"the Sanctity/Degradation scale" — Axes of Righteousness. She notes that "very few people these days think of sanctity as a moral issue" and "that most moderns would say that sanctity is just a construction."

Hats of to Iceland for protecting her fair folk, known there as the Huldufólk.

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