Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Grandmother Speaks Truth to Power

    Whatever went down, the family is sorry. We do not support radical Islam. We don’t. We’re sorry for what happened. But they sent this guy to befriend him and set him up in a sting. How is that right? For the federal government to set up youths that they know are vulnerable? ... He didn’t have money to buy Pampers for his son. How would he find money to go buy these (weapons)?
Thus spake Beverley Carridice-Henry, rightly, about her mentally ill grandson, "arrested Wednesday and accused of an Islamic State-inspired plot to abduct or kill patrons at a Rochester bar on New Year's Eve" — FBI wanted terror suspect Emanuel Lutchman as informant, grandmother says. She called just as I saw it yeterday — War on Terror™ Comes to Rochester?. The granmda went on to say:
    He always calls me because I’m the one who will accept his calls (from prison); because no one else will pay to talk to him on the phone. And I have to sacrifice to make sure there’s money for that. But he needs to hear a human voice, someone who loves him. I’ll never turn my back on my grandson.

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