Friday, January 1, 2016

War on Terror™ Comes to Rochester?

Sorry feds, but I'm just not buying this story — Rochester man linked to ISIS planned New Year's Eve attack on bar, feds say.

A petty criminal and "aggressive panhandler" with a history of "mental hygiene" arrests is goaded by three undercover FBI agents who purchase for him his $40 arsenal of "machete, duct tape, knives, ammonia, latex gloves, and zip ties." The only overseas connection is one the accused himself told an undercover agent occurred between him and an "ISIS bother" who told him to kill "1,000,000s of kuffar." Terror-plot master-mind or lunatic?

Now the feds can boast of another terror-plot thwarted and the post-American sheeple will clamor for more "protection," i.e. infringements of their civil liberties.

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