Thursday, January 28, 2016

White Man Shot Dead by Police

    Well, there is already a fairly full-blown conspiracy theory saying - or claiming that he was shot to death while his hands were up. We've had conflicting witness reports. One person essentially told a story to that effect. Another one said that wasn't true at all, that what he did was jump out of his car and charge police after he was pulled over - or rather got stuck in the snow fleeing from them, so we don't know.
So claims a representative of the sinister Southern Poverty Law Center interviewed here — Monitoring The Anti-Government Cause In Oregon.

Does the SPLC call it a "full-blown conspiracy theory" that Michael Brown is remembered as getting shot with his hands up even if black witnesses testified that he was trying to take a cop's gun, a story that has caused much violence across the country?

LaVoy Finnucum, rest in peace.

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