Friday, February 26, 2016

India T. Cummings, Rest in Peace and May Justice Be Served

I read local woman India Cummings Obituary, which offered no details, this morning, struck by her youth and beauty, and then this evening read of the mysterious state-sponsored circumstances of her tragic death, passing "from physically healthy to dead in three weeks" in a government facility "described as brutal and inhumane" — State to investigate death of woman taken from Holding Center and Mysteries surround sudden death of Erie County Holding Center inmate. Leave it to a commenter to provide the analysis:
    17 DAYS IN CUSTODY! That is enough time for any drug effect to wear off. Looks like there is going to be another cover up as to why this person died. Her exposure to the County Correction System has to had an effect on her death. She was in their control and custody.
Please consider donating to the India Cummings Family Fund.

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