Sunday, April 10, 2016

Princess Red Wing

I sure hope the librul SJW crowd had their smelling salts at hand finding this story in this morning's Sunday paper on opening day about our minor league baseball team's former mascot, "a little girl dressed in buckskin and a pig-tailed wig" — Whatever Happened To ... Princess Red Wing?

The double whammy of cultural appropriation on top of sexism and perhaps child abuse must have been too much for many of them to handle, poor things. I'm am sure those who recover will write missives to the editor beginning with their favorite stock phrases like "I was deeply offended/outraged/horrified..." Our city will likely not have seen such umbrage taking since this horror story — The ‘Racist’ Art on a 110-Year-Old Carousel Stirs Up Controversy in a NY Town.

"Princess Red Wing, the mascot in the 1950s and 1960s, was a kinder, gentler, more innocent version," of an earlier mascot, but I see the girl pictured above with Stan Musial as the picture of "a kinder, gentler, more innocent" America. Here's her story:
    A contest was held annually for young girls to determine that year’s Princess Red Wing. The winners got season tickets and represented the team during on-field and community activities. The Princess Red Wing “logo” became part of the team’s marketing scheme on programs and more.

    Michele Shemps, of Rochester, won the 1964 contest and played Princess Red Wing that season. Shemps, who was 10-year-old Michele O’Hara at the time, said she had lots of fun and hobnobbed with celebrities.

    “It was quite a big deal,” Shemps said. “I got to meet (actor) Peter Lawford when he came to town. On Opening Day, I ran out onto the field and blew kisses to the audience. I got to be in several town parades…I got to participate in Stan Musial Day, and he signed an autograph for me.”

    Red Wings Chairman Gary Larder said Princess Red Wing and the other earlier mascots “didn’t have the responsibilities that (Spikes and Mittsy) do now.” He said a local woman still has the Princess Red Wing outfit, and said a hairpiece worn by Princess Red Wing recently sold on eBay.
It turns out there was also a Princess Red Wing, who was "a Narragansett and Wampanoag elder, historian, folklorist and museum curator."

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