Sunday, April 17, 2016

XXIst Century Steatopygia

Steatopygia is back, and in a big way, as this celebratory article suggests — 2,000 squats per day gave curvy twins four-foot butts. You might think that we'd have left this behind in the Stone Age, and that it remained only among Stone Age populations like the Khoisan and Andamanese, but no, it's alive and well and making a comeback with the negroization of our popular culture!

I refuse to post any imagery associated with the term "steatopygia" so as not to revolt my readership, but I will post an image of the term "callipygian" below:

If you would , as I would, use a term with a Greek prefix meaning "beautiful" to describe the above dryad's derrière, and if all this Hottentottery disgusts you, as it does me, well, that makes you an ugly bigot — Racism in the dictionary: Steatopygia vs Callipygian.

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