Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another Apoplectic Atheist

This one a caller to this local radio show about an organization "trying to bring Christian values into public schools by helping teachers understand the law, and to spread their Christian faith without crossing legal lines" — Connections: Bring Jesus Back To Public Schools?

The shrill caller's "argument," starting at the 41:15 mark, amounts to saying that this group "going right up to the edge" in these church-state matters is equivalent to empowering the State to have "churches closed and bibles burned in the streets." False analogy, for example equating belief in Aristotle's Unmoved Mover to belief in a tooth fairy, seems to be a prime method of reasoning among these self-styled "rationalists."

Someone once pointed out the shrillness Richard Dawkins's voice takes on when he turns from discussing biology to promoting his religious beliefs. One hears the same tone in many fundagelicals, perhaps aware that their belief system is a house of cards.

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