Saturday, May 14, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner Has Inspired Me to Come Out of the Closet

Over at the LRC Blog*, Thomas DiLorenzo informs us of what will become of "Caitlyn Jenner if she 'de-transitions,' as is rumored" — The Most Hated Woman in America? Following up on this unexpected turn of events in what must be the most important story in the history of our Republic, I read somewhere that Jenner kept her male genitalia, a phrase if one were to think it strange would be a hate crime.

To verify this male genitalia business, I went to Wikipedia's "Caitlyn Jenner" page, where a lot of insights can be gained. Yes, Jenner has "neither undergone sex reassignment surgery nor ruled it out." Thus, Jenner is what we used to call a transvestite, which, the "[o]fficial definition from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language" tells us is "[a] person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex," which, like all those Y-chromosomes, would imply that Jenner is male. "Most transvestites," we learn, "are NOT homosexuals, however," and this is also true of Jenner, who "has never been sexually attracted to men, but has instead always been sexually attracted to women," something I can relate to.

What I cannot relate to is using the pronoun "she" with a guy who decides to dress in women's clothes one day, which is Wikipedia did with its "Chelsea Manning" page the day after Bradley said he was a girl, which is all it takes. Read the section on Jenner's Olympic career for the hilarious lengths it goes to avoid the use of any pronoun, which is perhaps is where we are going linguistically. "She won the men's decathlon" would still sound weird to our bigoted ears.

Like Jenner, Manning, too, has only "discussed having surgery." Call me old-fashioned, but using the pronoun "she" with a human being who not only has a Y-chromosome in every cell but also the full male genital package seems premature. Maybe I just never understood the whole chick with a dick thing, but I would even feel weird using "she" with a guy who has undergone so-called "sex reassignment surgery," which is a far more balls-to-the-walls (pun intended) option than just putting on a dress. Get back to me when they can change every Y-chromosome to an X-chromosome.

What has me coming out of the closet is this statement of Jenner's: "I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican, than I have for being trans." I am not a conservative, and I became a Republican only so I could vote for Ron Paul (and happily neglected to leave the party, allowing me to vote for Donald Trump), but try having an opinion anywhere on the political right at an American university, where I work, and see what happens. Four years ago, the intelligent libruls who surrounded me were convinced that a man who had been elected governor of the most liberal state in America of elected president would turn the country into The Handmaid's Tale.

So, if Jenner, speaking of Trump, "thinks he would be good for women's issues" and can thus be a spokesperson for women, the statement about getting "more flak for being a conservative Republican... than... for being trans" surely speaks to the victimhood of those of us on the right, and the right for us to have our own safe spaces. Come Monday, I will come out of the closet as a Trumpster.

*Lew Rockwell's Bill Sardi asked, "I want to know who is pushing the transgender agenda in America," noting, "The news media was re-introducing Bruce Jenner to America months before he announced he would undergo a sex-change" — The America I Woke Up to This Morning.

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