Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ilana Mercer on Donald Trump's America First Policy

"My goal is to establish a foreign policy that will endure for several generations centered on prioritizing America first," said the next President of the United States — Trump’s America First Policy: Remarkably Sophisticated. "Remarkably," writes Ms. Mercer, one of the few thinkers I know to still call herself a paleolibertarian, "our foreign-policy maze-bright rats see this Trump stance as unsophisticated." She continues:
    To the contrary: Trump’s foreign policy evinces a sophisticated understanding of the role of government in the lives of a free people.

    The duty of the “night-watchman state of classical-liberal theory” is primarily to its own. The classical liberal government’s duty is to its own citizens, first.

    As Americans, we have a solemn, negative, leave-them-alone duty not to violate the rights of foreigners everywhere to life, liberty and property.

    We have no duty to uphold their rights. Why so? Because (ostensibly) upholding the negative rights of the world’s citizens involves compromising the negative liberties of Americans—inalienable American lives, liberties and livelihoods.

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