Saturday, May 14, 2016

Teri Gender Bender Performs "I'm Getting Sick Of You"

Teri Gender Bender, despite her stage surname, is a cis-gender woman, pura mujer, at least as far as my untrained eyes can tell from the following slapsticky NSFW video, in which she appears butt-naked from start to finish — Adanowsky & Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes) - Don't Try To Fool Me.

She's also cis-Mexican, and, judging from her complexion, very much on display in the aforementioned video, in which she appears, I repeat, butt-naked from start to finish, very cis-White, i.e. cis-European, or what Steve Sailer would call a "Conquistador-American," or I would call cis-Conquistador-American.

Below, plugged-in, made-up, backed by her band, and not butt-naked from start to finish but wearing the same dress and the same stockings from the above posted video (not the one in which she appears, again, butt-naked from start to finish), with her signature bloody apron, she performs the same number:

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