Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Which Alternative für Deutschland?

"German Left Satirizes Anti-Invasionists [a]s people who believe in traditional families" is how Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre summarizes the image on the left, above, from this article — Sparks Fly In German Press As Treatment Of Muslims Hits "Gunpoint". On the left from "Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine, which just came out with a cover story to 'reveal' how uncharacteristically conservative the AfD is, titled 'How the AfD wants to live', with a picture showing a retro family with dog and 3 kids," and on the right, the right's satirical response.

Of course, there is nothing wrong and everything right about the image on the left, to any right-thinking person. I was going to say the same of the picture on the right, that there is nothing wrong for such an image in the countries of the Dar al-Islam, that it is just not the right image for Germany, which is what different countries are for, but then I remembered the woman and girl, if that is indeed what there is under those grotesque sacks. There is something grossly wrong with that image.

Never in Germany, not even in the misnamed Dark Ages, nor anywhere else within the Hajnal line, where the Western European marriage pattern prevails, have our womenfolk suffered anything close to the dehumanization they suffer in current times in every Islamic country. For the sake of our women, their safety, and the rights they have enjoyed from time immemorial as co-creators of our civilization, we must keep our borders closed to these barbaric invaders.

A story from the same source above indicates that the German authorities are not interested in upholding women's most basic right, the right to safety, and are thus illegitimate — German Coverup Scandal: Ministry Urged Erasing "Rape" From "Monstrous" Cologne Migrant Attack Report.

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