Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why Trump?

Dennis Regan, writing to the Rochester City Newspaper, explains — Feedback 5/25:
    Trump is a symbol

    What is stunning to me is that so many in the media don't recognize that Trump is nothing more than a symbol that we're fed up with politics as usual. Even Trump with all his flaws is preferable to the same old garbage we keep receiving from career politicians.

    I see this election as a turning point for America, and hope that gradually we'll move away from our present two-party system filled with self-serving hypocrites. Maybe this will ignite a revolution that will restore the glory to this once-great nation.

    Instead of being "general managers of the universe," why don't we focus our efforts, money, and manpower here at home? It's time for men and women of all ages to stop putting up with today's political nonsense and improve America as a nation, not an empire.

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