Sunday, June 19, 2016

Atrocity in the Age of Social Media

Many of the reports on the Orlando victims that I heard included the sounds of slaughter recorded on Snapchat, YouTube or other social media platforms, and it appears the narcissistic mujaheddin, whose homoerotic, guido-esque selfies are all over the Internets, was similarly engaged — Omar Mateen's text message exchange with wife during Orlando attack revealed: 'I love you babe'.

The first question I had when I heard the death toll was, "How could a lone gunman execute 50 people without anyone fighting back?" But it makes sense if the victims were more engaged in updating their statuses on social media platforms than in fomenting a resistance and rushing the asshole à la Flight 93, but it seems a golden opportunity to do just that would have presented itself when the latent sodomite was texting all lovey-dovey with his "beard." Put your dumbphones away, sheeple!

[Another tangential thought I had was whether rather than 72 virgins awaiting him in paradise, this cocksucker might instead have 72 gay bikers awaiting him for eternal anal rape; however, some reports suggest that this may be just what he was after, unless, of course, he was a "top" and then his mother country's Bacha Bazi culture would have allowed him to indulge his sodomistic desires to his heart's content had only America not allowed his scumbag father to immigrate to our sacred shores.]

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Blogger Unknown said...

Have any of the men he contacted confirmed that he actually engaged in sexual relations with them? If not, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that his homosexual contacts on social media were a form of reconnaissance, or that his original intent may have been smaller series of individual slayings, before deciding on mass-murder instead. I haven't been following the news closely, so I cam probably missing information that would clear this up.

Islamic depictions of heaven do include many servant-boys of some type; it's not 100% clear that their purpose is sexual in nature, but they are described with many of the same beauty-words applied to female Houris, so pederasty is at least strongly implied.

June 20, 2016 at 11:33 AM  

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