Friday, July 8, 2016

The Wisdom of Fr. Baltasar Gracián, S.J.

The Art of Manliness on "a book of 300 maxims and commentary written by a 17th century Jesuit priest [c]onsidered by many to be Machiavelli’s better in strategy and insight, [whose] maxims give advice on how to flourish and thrive in a cutthroat world filled with cunning, duplicity, and power struggles, all while still maintaining your dignity, honor, and self-respect — Cunning as a Serpent, Innocent as a Dove: The Art of Worldly Wisdom.

I immediately went to the library for to borrow A Truthtelling Manual and the Art of Worldly Wisdom. Being a Collection of the Aphorisms which Appear in the Works of Baltasar Gracian of the Company of Jesus, and Reader in Holy Scripture in the College of Tarragona Immediately Translated for the Understanding from a 1653 Spansih Text by Martin Fischer. A Second and Revised Version. I also found this article from the "Anarchist Studies" journal, whose author argues that "Gracian's legacy is invaluable for the elaboration of a project of radical atheism and existential anarchism" — We have nothing of our own but time: Baltasar Gracian's strategy of disrespectful opportunism.

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