Monday, September 5, 2016

Del McCoury Band Performs "White House Blues"

A song from "The Old, Weird America," made famous by the great Charlie Poole, irreverently chronicling the events of "Sept. 6, 1901, [when] an anarchist from Michigan gunned down a popular president of the United States in the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo," reported on here — Why doesn't Buffalo do more to commemorate President McKinley's assassination?

[My answer to the newspaper I used to work for as a paperboy: we commemorated enough with a post-punk album titled "We Killed McKinley" back in '88.]

William McKinley is the third worst president on Ivan Eland's "[r]anking [of] the [p]residents on [p]eace, [p]rosperity, and [l]iberty" — “Recarving Rushmore” Reranks American Presidents. This third worst president succeeded the second best, Grover Cleveland, "The Great Libertarian from Buffalo" according to Thomas DiLorenzo in The Last Good Democrat, in 1897. The following year, more than any other in American history, marks the transition from Republic to Empire, from a president that would condemn the annexation of Hawaii to one who would advocate the outright colonization of the Philippines and other islands in the Pacific and Caribbean.

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"My name is Charles Guiteau / My name I'll never deny."

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