Thursday, September 29, 2016

Frank X. Schwab: Brewer, Buffalonian

My hometown's newspaper, my second employer in my paperboy career after its rival shut down, has this appreciation — Buffalo in the '20s: Buffalo's pro-booze, anti-swimsuit Mayor Schwab. In support of his anti-Miss America stance, His Honor said:
    While Buffalo girls are in the front rank so far as feminine pulchritude is concerned; I do not believe their charms should be exploited. Both as mayor of the City of Buffalo and as the father of seven children, I have never been impressed favorably with bathing and beauty contests. To my mind they set up a false standard in the minds of young people, and the resultant evils and disadvantages more than offset any ephemeral fame which these contests bring to the various cities. For this reason I decline to comply with your request that as chief executive of the city I give to the young lady selected through your contest as Miss Buffalo a letter of introduction to the mayor of Atlantic City. It is simply my decision, as mayor of the city and as a father, that I think Buffalo will be better off and certainly none the worse, if it has no young lady compete in this so-called national beauty contest.
This, we learn "was one of the few times where Schwab received public support from Buffalo’s Protestant leaders":
    Not only was Schwab Catholic, he was also under federal indictment. As the owner of a brewery, he stood accused of possessing (and brewing) beer with an alcohol content higher than 3 percent in violation of Prohibition laws.

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