Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary's 9/11 Collapse — Was She Wasted?

The official story is she had pneumonia, the conspiracy analysis is that she may have Parkinson's, but could it be that she was just dead drunk, recovering from an all-night bender? Exhibit A: this photo posted by Lew Rockwell of Hillary before she collapsed, "with no make-up, greasy, unwashed hair with no wig or extensions, odd, dark glasses hiding her eyes, and yesterday’s clothes:"

I may not have I've looked like that before, but I have felt like that before, after drinking until about 4 am and having to go somewhere after the sun rises. Never fun. Exhibit B: the much-watched collapse video:

I've carried my mother, roughly the same age, out of restaurants after one too many, in much the same way. Not at all fun. Exhibit C: The mysterious piece of metal that fell out of her pant leg:

There is speculation that this may have been a catheter or some other medical device we'd rather not thing about; might it simply have been a flask? I'm not a flask-carrier and hope never to be one. Exhibit D: The fact that as Lew Rockwell notes, "Hillary handlers ditched ER on 9/11 [and t]ook her instead to Chelsea’s palatial pad, to avoid unowned docs and nurses," and her subsequent performance for the lap dog press:

"It's a beautiful day in New York," she said. The anniversary of the greatest loss of life in America since the Civil War is a "beautiful day?" Had her opponent said that he would have been pilloried for insensitivity. That aside, my alcoholic mother is largely incapable of uttering anything than the most trivial banalities, which is all we've heard from Hillary in years, unless she is blathering something completely stupid. Sad. And scary.

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