Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Loud, Abrasive, Hostile, White, Back to Basics, and Fun"

Steve Sailer makes the case that "the alt-right phenomenon of 2016 is basically political punk rock" — Political Punk Rock — and follows up by finding "an even more direct connection to rock music history" — Alt-right as Alt-rock. A commenter writes:
    There has been definitional confusion concerning the alt-right, among members and those who just heard the term yesterday alike. It ought by right to refer to either to anything outside the rightist mainstream or outside the mainstream on the right. (That is, outside the normie mainstream, which is the Overton Window, or outside of Conservatism, Inc. on the right. Which might sound like the same thing, but technically isn’t.) But I detect a more precise definition flying under the broad name. I don’t know what to call it, exactly. The populist right? The nationalist right? Anyway, it is eating up the name “alt-right,” which is confusing.

    What do you call right-libertarians, for instance? Or neoreactionaries? Or paleo-conservatives who don’t exactly fit the prevailing definition? The alt-alt-right? That’s confusing.

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