Monday, September 5, 2016

Richard Mentor Johnson

Steve Sailer makes the case that "the title of Greatest Vice President of the Old, Weird America must belong to Dick Johnson, veep under Martin Van Buren* in 1837-1841 (not counting the nine month leave of absence he took from the Vice Presidency to manage his tavern in Kentucky)" — America's Greatest Vice President.

Mr. Sailer informs us that his "most visionary project as a United States Senator was his campaign in 1822-23 to fund a U.S. government expedition to explore and conquer the inside of the Earth" as "an advocate of his friend John C. Symmes’ Hollow Earth theory." We also learn that he "[f]ailed in re-election to the Senate in 1828 when he tried to introduce his daughters by his octoroon slave wife into polite society,... point[ing] out, 'Unlike Jefferson, Clay, Poindexter and others I married my wife under the eyes of God, and apparently He has found no objections.'"

* Third best president on Ivan Eland's "[r]anking [of] the [p]residents on [p]eace, [p]rosperity, and [l]iberty" — “Recarving Rushmore” Reranks American Presidents.

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