Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm With Her

Uptsate New York on a down-stater for whom up-staters can vote down-ticket for her support of a down-under underdog — Senate candidate Wendy Long calls for pardon of Wikileaks founder. The candidate, "challenging [the sinister] Sen. Charles Schumer," said of the Aussie hero:
    Assange is the only source of transparency and truth that most Americans now have about some of the most important matters affecting this election and our country. We need him, we need his help, and we need him on the side of America.


    Investigative journalism is dead in this country, and citizen journalists are trying to fill the void. We know that almost 100 percent of the mainstream media are in the tank for Hillary Clinton. And were it not for Julian Assange, we would not know that.
But, alas, it may be too late — Is Julian Assange Alive? Wikileaks Says Armed Forces Are Outside Of Ecuadorian Embassy.

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