Saturday, October 22, 2016

Social Distortion Performs "Bye Bye Baby," "Hour Of Darkness," "Let It Be Me," "Prison Bound," "So Far Away," "Ring Of Fire," "99 To Life," "Cold Feelings," "1945," "Bad Luck," "Making Believe," "Ball & Chain," "Sick Girl," "Born To Lose," "Shame On Me," & "When She Begins"

Piggy-backing on last night's Steve Sailerian post "for the people still up Friday night rather than the good citizens up early on Saturday morning" — "Story of My Life". So this post is for the crazy punk-rockers still up Saturday night rather than the good churchgoers up early on Sunday morning.

I saw Social Distortion and Sonic Youth open for Neil Young and Crazy Horse back in the '80s. The former was better received by the Neil fans, but the latter was more my speed, and one of my favorite bands on my favorite label, SST Records.Even more my speed were label-mates Hüsker Dü, whose Land Speed Record attests to their speed and Zen Arcade, the best album of that era, to their talent.

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