Saturday, October 8, 2016


Cuckservative Rod Dreher grasps his pearls and reaches for his smelling salts upon learning that a decade ago a man was overheard talking to another man about a woman — Quit Now, Trump. Stop writing now, Rod.

Keeping writing, Roissy, who, at Chateau Heartiste, exposes another shrinking violet traumatized by "normal healthy heterosexual male banter about hitting on women," by writing, "There is no end to the ways in which this phoneyfuck indignation reveals the full rainbow-facialed glory hole degeneracy of Cuck Ryan’s flaccid testosterone deficient soul" — Paul Ryan, World’s Biggest Faggot.

The LRC Blog's non-cuck Bulter Shaffer has some questions — Trump’s “Vulgar,” “Lewd” Talk?
    It is amusing to see the political establishment so desperate to defeat Trump that it will resort to any – as in a-n-y – indiscretion to keep him out of the White House. The sin du jour is an eleven year old video of Trump talking about a failed effort to seduce a woman, saying, in part, “when you’re a star they let you do it.” I don’t know whether any of the “stars” were Bill Clinton, or the Kennedy brothers, who did far more than talk about doing so, but used their positions of power (including helpful Secret Service agents) to engage in such acts with vulnerable women. Perhaps the make-believe “journalists” on television news channels whose “reports” are dominated by their endless babbling about this video, would be willing to replay some earlier video taken at Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts!

    Unless such behavior is outrageous only when engaged in by the non-politically correct faithful, and if joking, on camera, about sex is enough to disqualify such persons from office, any intellectually honest journalist (are there any?) might choose to inquire of Hillary: “do you repudiate the extra-marital sexual behavior of your husband when he was president – including oral sex with young interns in the Oval Office – and can you assure us that neither you nor your husband – as ‘first gentleman’ if you are elected – will engage in such actions?”

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