Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two on Game Two

"A wise man once said that the problem with baseball writers is that they love baseball, a flaw which presumably prevents them from acknowledging certain realities about The Grande Olde Game," writes local sportswriter Bud Poliquin, acknowleding "that baseball can be a wretched thing to watch" — Game 2 of World Series was as brutal, tedious as baseball gets. He writes:
    Baseball, you see, is our often-beautiful summer game meant for balmy evenings and warm zephyrs. And yet, there are its czars challenging the gods by scheduling what would be the season's penultimate elimination affair (World Series Game No. 6) and its most important one (World Series Game No. 7) on Nov. 1-2.
Steve Sailer agrees, comparing "four hour ordeal in the cold and rain" to :the ultimate game of the Old Order of baseball (154 game seasons and 16 teams) before the 1961 expansion," "the 7th game of the 1960 World Series was played in the sunshine on October 13, 1960, a day when the high temperature in Pittsburgh was 77 degrees and humidity was 46 percent" — A 5-1 Baseball Game Takes 4 Hours and 4 Minutes.

In his "World Series Notes" from the day before, Mr. Sailer laments "the World Series starting so ridiculously late in October in outdoor Rust Belt ballparks" with the "sizable danger of cold rains or sleet postponing games into mid-November" and argues that "baseball would be better off shrinking from a 162-game regular season back to the pre-1961 154 game regular season in order to get the much protracted postseason under way sooner."

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