Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Glenn Beck's New Schtick: Warning of the Dangers of the Alt-Right

I first heard it two weeks ago before the Dawning of the New Era, "all amid reports that his media empire is faltering" — Glenn Beck: A Changed Man? Said the moron:
    Well, you're seeing now that there is a racist group. It’s called the alt-right. And everybody needs to band together and corral those people and make sure we can identify them and not group them into one large group and say, everybody who is a conservative is a racist. No.
And here is speaking to the Clinton News Network — Glenn Beck Expounds to Anderson Cooper the Shadowy, Sinister Steve Bannon-Steve Sailer Nexus. Like Mr. Sailer, "As for Glenn Beck, I can’t say I’ve ever watched or listened to one of his shows all the way through." If you have ever tried, it becomes all too clear right away that he is not that smart and does not have a coherent worldview.

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