Friday, November 11, 2016

James Yorkston & the Big Eyes Family Players Perform "Martinmas Time"

The traditional tune Martinmas Time sung by Scottish folk singer James Yorkston. A description of the song Martinmas Time:
    Troop of soldiers forces farmer's daughter to promise she will come to their quarters that night; she has her hair cut off and dresses in men's clothes. She goes to the soldiers' quarters, asking for lodgings for another troop of soldiers, but the quartermaster sends her away, saying there is no more room. She persists; he gives her money, for "tonight there comes a wench." She leaves her garters and ribbons tied to the gates to prove she'd been there, then blows a whistle, saying "you're not for a girl at all," and goes home in triumph.
"And she's galloped home a maiden," ends the song, the heroine's quick wits saving her from being gang-raped by our men in uniform, an à propos reminder of the true nature of militarism on a day on which we are now asked to support, nay, worship the troops as demigods.

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