Saturday, November 12, 2016

White Stag

Seneca white deer, of local interest, are in the news today — Martin stands firm on not allowing hunting of white deer at former depot. "Earl Martin, the future owner of 7,000 acres at the former depot, issued a statement this week reiterating his commitment to a 'quality wildlife management program, including the conservation of the rare white deer.'"

Myth and legend aplenty surround this creature, from the Celts to Hunor and Magor to Saint Eustace.

On these shores, too, we have our myths and legends, as described in this post of mine, reposted below — Do Virginia Dare's Descendants Survive in the Finger Lakes?
    This story had me revisiting some recent fanciful speculations regarding the old colonial legend about Virginia Dare, the first white child born in what are today these united States in the Roanoke Colony, being turned into a white doe by an Indian shaman. [See Virginia Dare, The White Doe.] Miss Dare was born in 1587. If she had indeed been turned into a white doe, this would have likely occurred when she was an adolescent or young adult, say, in the first decade of the XVIIth Century.

    Could her cervine descendants, or her spirit as the Indian version of the legend has it, have passed from sanctuary among the Croatan, who perished as a people to disease, to the Tuscarora people, and traveled north with them after the Tuscarora War to settle in Iroquois Country and later become the sixth nation of their confederacy?

    This would be yet another connection between the Great State of North Carolina and Upstate New York, the two outposts of Anti-Federalism in the late XVIIIth Century. I made two trips south to the state two years ago, two months apart; here are my reports — Back From Dixie and Back in W.N.Y. From W.N.C.. On the former trip, one of the highlights occurred at the Elizabethan Gardens, where I paid homage to the incredibly lovely Virginia Dare Statue.
On a topical note, the great Steve Sailer on all politics being local— 5/6/16: "Hillary's Plan to Lose the Deer Hunter States". He also writes on our deer hunter counties — Trump Carried Whites in the State of New York.

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