Monday, December 5, 2016

Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State

Justin Raimondo locuta est, cause finita est, saying, "From a noninterventionist perspective, Rohrabacher is the best choice of those reportedly in the running" — Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State?

A few days ago, I was impressed to learn, as Mr. Raimondo, my pick for Secretary of State in my administration, reports, "that Rohrabacher was offered the deputy Secretary of State position, with the odious John Bolton in the top position, but that Dana refused on the grounds that Bolton’s foreign policy views are in many ways the exact opposite of Trump’s (and his own)."

To his credit, he received this liberast anti-endorsement back in July, whence comes the photo atop this post — Meet The Putin-Loving Congressman Who’s Worried About Fluoride In Our Drinking Water.

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