Monday, December 26, 2016

Get the Government Out of Our Bathrooms!

"Conservatism is dead," says Vox Populi, liking to this article — A Conservative Defense of Transgender Rights. Of course, National Review author Josh Gelernter tries to suck the cuckservative readership in with this bait-and-switch:
    On the American political spectrum, conservatism is the mind-your-own-business ideology. I know smoking is unhealthy, but I enjoy smoking, and my health is none of your business. I know motorcycles can be dangerous, but I like the wind in my hair; whether or not I wear a helmet is none of your business. I realize that fireworks can blow up before they’re supposed to, but they’re fun and my fingers are none of your business. Don’t tell me what sort of car to drive, or what kind of light bulb I can buy, or what kind of milk I can drink, or how to raise my kids.
There is no right to a bathroom, and the government has no right to impose on private businesses an obligation to provide bathrooms for any or all 58 genders. Let businesses and their customers decide.

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