Friday, December 2, 2016

Guillaume Du Fay's Nuper Rosarum Flores, Performed by Sophia Brumfitt, Katherine Hawnt, Jennie Cassidy, Ann Allen, & David Hatcher

A motet, containing the line "hieme licet horrida" ("despite a terrible winter"), composed during the decade mentioned in this story — The coldest decade of the millennium? How the cold 1430s led to famine and disease.

[Original Climate of the Past article — The 1430s: a cold period of extraordinary internal climate variability during the early Spörer Minimum with social and economic impacts in north-western and central Europe.]

Paleoclimatology! Compare the "famine and disease" and "social and economic impacts" above to the flourishing Roman Warm Period and Medieval Warm Period.

Back to the music, Guillaume Du Fay's piece was commissioned for the 1436 completion of the Florence Cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, pictured below:

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