Monday, December 5, 2016

Margo Price Performs "All American Made," "Four Years Of Chances" & "About To Find Out"

Blurbist Bob Boilen writes:
    When I greeted Margo Price in the NPR garage before her Tiny Desk performance, tears were streaming down her face. It was Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, the day after the 2016 election.
No, as you might have suspected from the source, these were not the tears of joy you or I were shedding that glorious morn, The Golden Dawn of the Trump Era. More of Mr. Boilen's boilerplate:
    For her — as for many Americans — it was a stunning and bewildering moment in time, a day when life and the everyday took on new meaning. And so when she and her band began to play "All American Made," a song she's sung many times before, those words about America's changes and failures in the 21st century seemed even more powerful.


    As this Tiny Desk progresses, even "Four Years Of Chances," her song of a love gone wrong, feels less about a lousy husband and more about presidential politics. She dedicates her third and final song, "About To Find Out," to Donald Trump; she says it was originally written about a "musician acquaintance of mine who's a complete sociopath." When the song ends, she rips open her red cowboy shirt to reveal a T-shirt with the words "Icky Trump"— a play on the title of The White Stripes' song "Icky Thump," which criticizes the U.S.'s immigration policies. She smiles, wipes a tear away: It seems cathartic, but temporary.
Miss Price's music has been featured on these pages before — Margo Price Performs "Tennessee Song," "Hands of Time," "This Town Gets Around," "Four Years of Chances," & "No Expectations".

You've got to hand it to libruls; they're good for some things, and one of them is sustaining musical culture, be it classical or classic country, and other cultural amenities like museums and coffee shops. I hope the god-emperor will deign to keep some of them around. Of course, it will be prudent to have them registered.

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