Monday, December 26, 2016

Virtue Signaling Explained

Château Heartiste links to this "very dank social psychology study [that] has found evidence that virtue signaling is real, and is distinct from virtue alone" — Selfish or selfless? On the signal value of emotion in altruistic behavior. Roissy's translation: “shitlib virtue signaling is self-serving because it feels good and because the more emotionally incontinent the signaling, the better others judge the signaler’s moral character.” He elabortates:
    Virtue signaling isn’t an empty insult; it has teeth (and really gets under the skin of shitlibs accused of it) precisely because virtue signaling provides emotional and reputational rewards to shitlibs with or without attachment to actual virtuous deeds.
Very true. Libruls, shitlibs, liberasts, or whatever else you want to call them, can be understood in religious terms as heretics, as the great Hilaire Belloc in The Great Heresies, understood them:
    The enemy which the Faith now has to meet, and which may be called "The Modern Attack," is a wholesale assault upon the fundamentals of the Faith - upon the very existence of the Faith. And the enemy now advancing against us is increasingly conscious of the fact that there can be no question of neutrality. The forces now opposed to the Faith design to destroy. The battle is henceforward engaged upon a definite line of cleavage, involving the survival or destruction of the Catholic Church. And all - not a portion - of its philosophy.
Virtue signalling is their pathetic perversion of the vice of spiritual pride.

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