Saturday, January 14, 2017

Visiting Stormfront and Finding Genocide (But Not That Kind)

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member if the American Nazi Party. Neither am I a white nationalist. I am a race realist, and to borrow John Derbyshire's phrase, "anti-anti-white." Like the now-not-so-young Young Fogey, "I like being white."

I read American Renaissance and VDARE on a daily basis, but out of curiosity decided to go further afield to Stormfront, "a community of racial realists and idealists.... who support true diversity and a homeland for all peoples." Nothing at all wrong with that, but as a realist and non-idealist, I do not see a white homeland as practical. As a localist, I'd say let's start with neighborhoods; let Bensonhurst, Brooklyn be Bensonhurst, let Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn be Bed–Stuy, and let Forsyth County, Georgia be Forsyth County, sans government interventionist integration efforts. Let integration and segregation occur organically in diverse ways.

Stormfront is supposed to be neo-Nazi, right, so you'd expect to find stuff about gassing and extermination, wouldn't you? I found none of that. The closet thing I found was this discussion — Down's syndrome... The first commenter's suggestion that "eugenics is our chief concern" and "a well-bred society is a healthy society" is hardly outside the mainstream, as this recent report suggests — Down's Syndrome people risk 'extinction' at the hands of science, fear and ignorance. Outside the mainstream is the opinion "that abortion is a necessary evil in these instances [but] it is far from being something to be 'proud' of" and counter-cultural the opinion that "my faith strictly prohibits abortion, even in cases of rape and incest." Exterminating Down's babies is about as mainstream as it gets.

Stormfront offered me nothing that American Renaissance and VDARE do not provide, so I won't be going back, but not out of any malice. I wish them well, and certainly don't want to see them shut down and rounded up as would have likely happened under hitlery. And, I can envision future scenarios in which it would be good to have their boots on the ground.

*From this article, we learn of this "painting [which] hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York called The Adoration of the Christ Child. Created in the 16th century by a Flemish artist, what stands out in this sublime presentation of the Nativity is the detail of the characters standing around the crib. Two of them, an angel and a shepherd, appear to have Down’s Syndrome:"

This painting, which "helps illuminate the early modern approach to disability," is, I'd say, a worthy example of Stormfront's reminder that "Every month is White history month."

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