Sunday, January 15, 2017

God, More Churchmen Like This, Please

"In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity," saith Italian Archbishop Monsignor Carlo Liberati, pictured above, looking like a churchman should — Catholic leader says ‘everyone will be Muslim in 10 years’ because ‘weak’ church no longer appeals to the general public.

"Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism," said the monsignor. "All of this moral and religious decadence favours Islam." [Michel Houellebecq's Submission, anyone?]

"We help without delay those coming from outside and we forget many poor and old Italians who are eating from the trash. We need policies that take care of Italians first: our young people and the unemployed."

Below, an apocalyptic image of some of "those coming from outside" as a reminder:

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