Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mike Caputo: Buffalonian, Deadhead, Trump Campaigner

The man behind the effort to find an "elusive and mythical" bootleg is "famous for his association with the Donald Trump campaign," my hometown newspaper tells me — $500 reward offered for elusive recording of Grateful Dead with the BPO.

Intrigued, I had to learn more, and found out that this "Grateful Dead fanatic who spread propaganda for anti-communist rebels in Central and South America" who denies ever being "a rogue CIA agent" — The radical adventures of conservative radio host Mike Caputo.

A fellow "juvenile delinquent growing up in the Southtowns," like me "he accompanied his father to work in the Ellicott Square building." We share the same alma mater, where he became known for "political, pot-stirring efforts at the University at Buffalo, including conservative students’ plans to spy and report on 'radical,' liberal professors believed to be 'closet Marxists.'"

Other highlights in his career include leading "the successful push to resurrect the canceled 'Twin Peaks' television series" and running a "PR firm for budding telecom and Internet companies [that] helped President Vladimir Putin weather U.S. government criticism for taking over an independent TV station."

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